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Affiliate Program 16/07/2018

Monday Main Class A. Strength E2MOM 5×5 Back Squat@70/80% Conditioning For Time: 3 Rounds 10 Strict HSPU 20 Wallballs@14/9kg 30 Double Unders Score = Time Go hard and hang on! After class add on, conditioning focus: 30 Minute Ski Erg@40 SPM If you know your 2km Ski time then you should aim for a split… Read more »

Affiliate Program 26/03/2018

Monday Strength E3MOM 5×5 Back Squat@80% Conditioning AMRAP 8 30 DB Thrusters@22.5/15kg 30 Pull Ups 30 DB Hang Clean@22.5/15kg 30 T2B In Remaining Time as an AMRAP 5 DB Cluster@22.5/15kg 5 Pull Ups 5 DB Cluster@22.5/15kg 5 T2B Score = Total Reps Tuesday Clean Warm Up 2 Rounds Empty Bar 5 – Deadlifts 5 –… Read more »

The Open Workout 18.3 at CrossFit Colchester

We’ve had two cracking weeks of The Open at CrossFit Colchester, but now it’s week three of five, and the excitement at our gym can be felt all the way through Colchester! The Open means different things to different people, and that was really apparent this week with both the RX and Scaled workouts proving… Read more »

Affiliate Program 19/03/2017

Monday Strength: Super Set: 5×5 ¬†Weighted Pull Ups 5×5 Strict DB Shoulder Press (Rest 30/90 seconds between sets)   Conditioning: For Time: 30 DB C&J@22.5/15kg 30 Pull Ups 20 DB Thrusters@22.5/15kg 30 HSPU’s 10 DB Clusters@22.5/15kg 30 T2B Score = Time Tuesday Warm Up: 2 Rounds Empty Bar 5 – Front Squat, slow down, fast… Read more »

When CFC took on The Open Workout 18.2

As The Open rolls on, week two of five arrives, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up eagerly awaited the announcement of the second workout. It’s a two-parter. And it’s sweaty. And it’s heavy. Last week, we described what The Open actually is, and how the members of our gym came… Read more »

Affiliate Program 12/03/2018

Monday For Time: 3 Rounds 30 Alt DB Snatch@22.5/15kg 20 Over DB Burpee 10 DB Cluster@22.5/15kg Score = Time   Rest 10 minutes   For Time: 3 Rounds 20 HSPUs 15 Hang Power Clean@60/40kg 10 STOH@60/40kg Score = Time Tuesday 10 EMOM 5 Power Clean@60/70%   AMRAP 20 15 Down Ups 15 Russian Swings32/24kg 50… Read more »

Affiliate Program 06/11/2017

Monday AMRAP 12 30-20-10 Alt DB Snatch@22.5/15kg T2B Alt DB Overhead Step Out Lunge@22.5/15kg Double-unders   Rest 8minutes   In Pairs For Time: 10 Rounds in Total Partner 1 Rows 250/200m Partner 2 Runs 5x20m Shuttles Score = Time Tuesday Work up to a heavy 1RM Front Squat:   5X3 Clean@80/90% of 1RM Clean (Not… Read more »

Affiliate Program 30/10/2017

Monday For Time: 50 Calorie Row 40 STOH@60/40kg 30 T2B 20 Over Box Burpee 10 Ring Muscle-ups Score = Time Tuesday Work up to a heavy 1RM Back¬†Squat:   5X3 Hang Snatch@80/90% of 1RM Snatch (Rest 2minutes between sets)   5X5 Snatch Grip Deadlift@100% of 1RM Snatch (Rest 2minutes between sets) Wednesday 8 AMRAP 6… Read more »

Affiliate Program 23/10/2017

Monday For Time: 5 Rounds 20 Alt DB Snatch@22.5/15kg 15 Wallballs@9/6kg 10 C2B Pull-Ups Score = Time Tuesday 20 Minutes to work up to a weightlifting total: Snatch Clean & Jerk   5X5 Behind Neck Snatch Grip Push Press (Rest 2minutes between sets)   Extra Credit: 5X4 Back Squat@80% (Rest 2minutes between sets) Wednesday 8… Read more »

Affiliate Program 16/10/2017

Monday 8 AMRAP 500m Row 12 Burpees 12 KB Snatch@24/16kg Score = Reps   (Rest 5minutes)   8 AMRAP 50 Double-Unders 12 Over Box Jumps@24/20″ 12 Wallballs@9/6kg Score = Reps Tuesday European Championships “17.3” Wednesday For Time: 21-15-9 Pistols T2B Score = Time   Rest 10minutes   For Time: 21-15-9 HSPU’s Box Jumps@24/20″ Score =… Read more »