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What we do at CrossFit Colchester

Welcome to CrossFit Colchester!

We are very excited to welcome you into our community and do so with open arms. We’re a diverse bunch made up of teachers, lawyers, accountants, students and everything in between, some in their 20s and some in their 60s, some with little to no exercise experience and some looking to qualify for local, national and international competitions. What makes our community special is that everyone is housed under one roof and shares the common goal of being healthy and happy. 

Everyone is welcomed with a big smile when they walk through the door, if you’re new to CrossFit then we understand it can be daunting during your first few weeks with us. To put your mind at ease we’ll hopefully answer some of your questions as you read on…

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.” A mouthful we know, let’s break it down for you.

The CrossFit methodology is designed to develop in equal parts your ability as a weightlifter, gymnast and multi durational ‘sprinter’. If we can simultaneously develop the capacity of a novice across all three, we become more capable than anyone specialising in one individual line of fitness. These skill sets combined will prepare you for anything in life: 

  • Chasing the kids (or a football) around the garden/park
  • Lifting the shopping or moving the fridge across the kitchen
  • Performing things like pull-ups, being upside down on your hands or even walking on them!

Constant varied

Our prescription is simple in principle – move in a fashion that replicates the demands of everyday life. That is to prepare for what cannot be foreseen by forgoing all notion of routine. Day-to-day, just as in life, our workouts change. Some fast, some slow, some heavy, some light, some simple and some complex – but all requiring a combination of the various elements of “fitness”.

You can expect to learn lots of exciting new skills as well as be encouraged to think about and refine the most basic forms of movement. All within a controlled environment under the watchful eye of our coaching team.

Functional Movement

Think about carrying the kids or shopping, pushing the sofa into its new spot in the living room and running for the bus or whilst playing a sport. Each of these requires a different combination of the general physical skills we mentioned earlier. Our approach to programming aims to progress each skill independently and where possible, demand we perform them in any and all combinations.

High Intensity

To avoid getting too technical let’s assume there are two forms of training short and fast – long and steady. It’s well documented that long and steady has lots of benefits, not least keeping our heart and lungs ticking and decreasing body fat – fantastic! But it’s also well documented that singularly training in the long and steady modality can have adverse effects on muscle mass. Strength and power – it’s not often you see a strong-looking marathon runner.

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What classes do we have at CrossFit Colchester?

Now you’ve joined us you can take advantage of the various classes we have to offer. Here’s a little description of each:


These sessions focus on functional fitness. A combination of conditioning, weightlifting and gymnastics. Expect variety and to learn lots of new skills, all whilst getting fitter, faster and stronger. These classes follow a structured and progressive program, however all the elements are infinitely scalable to ensure every individual has a relative and effective workout.  


These sessions focus on the weightlifting elements within CrossFit, without the intensity of a CrossFit workout. You’ll spend an hour learning the basics of the barbell and developing competence in the two main movements, the Snatch and the Clean. These classes are on Tuesdays at 7:00am and 6:30pm.

Greenwood Bootcamp 

These sessions are high energy classes focused on developing a base of fitness that can be carried through to all other elements of fitness. These will be sweaty and intense but all movements will be simple. You won’t find a barbell or the rig in these sessions. Come and get sweaty and have some fun, sometimes individually, or in pairs and even in teams! Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7:00am and Thursday at 7:30pm.


These sessions are devoted to developing the understanding of, and the ability to perform basic gymnastic movements. We spend most of our lives moving just our body weight around, and these sessions will educate you on how to do so effectively. Fantastic for avoiding injuries and for learning how to execute the gymnastic elements of CrossFit classes efficiently and safely. Monday at 7:30pm, Thursday at 7:00am and Friday at 6:30pm.

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