The Open Workout 18.3 at CrossFit Colchester

We’ve had two cracking weeks of The Open at CrossFit Colchester, but now it’s week three of five, and the excitement at our gym can be felt all the way through Colchester!

The Open means different things to different people, and that was really apparent this week with both the RX and Scaled workouts proving tough – only 2 people finished the RX in the whole world!

What is 18.3?

18.3 has a time cap of 14 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:

  • 100 double-unders
  • 20 overhead squats (52 kg for men, 36 kg for women)
  • 100 double-unders
  • 12 ring muscle-ups
  • 100 double-unders
  • 20 dumbbell snatches (22.5 kg for men, 15 kg for women)
  • 100 double-unders
  • 12 bar muscle-ups


Double Unders

A “standard double under” is when the rope passes completely under the person’s feet twice for each jump.

Those performing the scaled option substitute for single unders.

Overhead Squat

From the floor, the bar must be lifted overhead, into a locked out position. At the bottom of the squat, the hip crease must be below the top of the knee, and at the top, the hips, knees and arms must be fully extended to complete the rep. A squat snatch is permitted to start the movement so long as the squat breaks parallel.

Ring Muscle Up

The movement begins with hanging from the rings, arms fully extended, feet off the ground. Using a pull or kip, the athlete passes through the rings (the heels must not rise above the height of the rings in the kip), pulling themselves up and through. At the top of the rings, the elbows must be in full lockout.

Those performing the scaled option substitute for chin over bar pull ups.

Dumbbell Snatch

Starting with the dumbbell positioned flat, with both heads on the floor, the dumbbell is lifted overhead in one motion (muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch or split-style snatch are all permitted). The arms, hips and knees must be in full lock out at the top of the rep, with the barbell over the middle of the body. Each rep alternates between arms, swapping below the top of the athlete’s head. The non-lifting arm has no contact with the body during the rep.

Bar Muscle Ups

The movement begins with a pass through or hang below the bar, arms fully extended, feet off the ground. Using a pull or kip, the athlete passes the bar (the heels must not rise above the height of the bar in the kip), pulling themselves up, through some portion of a dip-to-lockout. At the top, the elbows must be fully locked above the bar with the shoulders over or in front of the bar.

Those performing the scaled option substitute for chin over bar pull ups.

How did CrossFit Colchester get on with 18.3?

Wow. This was a tough-y. A “separator” indeed. The rig work was tricky, and with many of our scaled athletes approaching pull-ups with trepidation, and double-unders are a make-or-break movement in a workout for so many people. 18.3 was a mental battle as well as a physical one.

The atmosphere at the gym was electric with lots of encouragement and celebrations being had. Getting your first pull-up feels amazing, but getting your first pull-up in The Open is even better.

When CFC took on The Open Workout 18.2

As The Open rolls on, week two of five arrives, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up eagerly awaited the announcement of the second workout. It’s a two-parter. And it’s sweaty. And it’s heavy.

Last week, we described what The Open actually is, and how the members of our gym came together to tackle that first workout, 18.1, splitting between Rx and Scaled workouts. After such a fantastic start, it’s little wonder that we’ve all been so excited for 18.2.

What’s 18.2, then?

“18.2 is going to burn.” —Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games.

18.2 is a two part workout with a 12 minute time cap.

Part One (18.2)

  • 1 Dumbbell Squat, 1 Bar Facing Burpee
  • 2 Dumbbell Squats, 2 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 3 Dumbbell Squats, 3 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 4 Dumbbell Squats, 4 Bar Facing Burpees
  • Ladder up to 10 reps of each

One dumbbell in each hand, 22.5 kg for men, 15 kg for women

Part Two (18.2a)

  • Use remaining time to establish a 1 rep max Clean

Dumbbell Squat

Starting with dumbbells at the shoulder in full extension, athletes must move into the bottom of their squat, ensuring the hip crease passes below the knee line. The rep is complete when standing at full extension.

Scaled athletes all performed this movement, but men used 15kg dumbbells and women used 10kg dumbbells

Bar Facing Burpees

Facing the bar, athletes jump both feet back so they are lying down, chest and thighs touching the ground. They then jump up  over the barbell from both feet, landing on both feet. The rep is completed when the athlete lands. The next rep must re-face the barbell.

Scaled athletes are permitted to single-legged jumping or stepping over the bar.


The athlete must take the bar from the ground (hang cleans are not permitted). Power cleans, squat cleans and split cleans are permitted. The rep is complete when trhe athelte stands, knees full extended with the barbell resting on the shoulders in front-rack, elbows in front of the bar.

18.2 at CrossFit Colchester

It was PB-city at CrossFit Colchester, with many people managing to make lifts they’d never made before… despite aaallllll those squats and burpees. For some of our athletes, it was a victory to get to the end of Part One in the time cap, for others it was a battle to attempt several cleans at the end. another fantastic Open weekend at the box – bring on 18.3!



How did The Open Workout 18.1 go down at CrossFit Colchester?

The Open is the largest community event of the year for CrossFitters where hundreds of thousands compete against one another in an online competition. It’s stage one in qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

What even is The Open?

Five workouts are released on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT over the course of five weeks, and anyone who’s signed up at has four days to complete the workout and log their scores each week. The workouts are completed at a CrossFit affiliate with a judge, or are submitted via a recorded video.

There are two versions of every workout: scaled and Rx’d, and this is why it’s a community event – it’s for everyone. AFter the workout is announced, participants pick either the scaled or the RX’d workout and compare their results to others in their category all over the world, inside their region, in their age group, and inside their own gyms.

After five weeks is up, the fittest move into the next stages. Masters and Teens are invited to complete online, and the RX athletes go on to complete regionally before the top dogs move on to The Games.

So, what was the first workout?

18.1 is a 20 Min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 8 toes to bar
  • 10 dumbbell hang clean to overhead (5 on each arm, 22.5 kg for men, 15 kg for women)
  • 14/12 calories on the rower (14kcal for men,12kcal for women)

Toes To Bar

Hanging from a rig or pull-up bar, with arms fully extended and feet off the ground, athletes must bring both of their feet to make contact with the bar at the same time, inside the hands. The feet must come back down and behind the bar and the rest of the body for the the next rep.

Those performing the scaled option substitute for hanging knee raises.

Dumbbell Hang Clean to Overhead

This was a new movement introduced for 2018, so few CrossFitters would have attempted these before the announcement of 18.1. The dumbbell is lifted from the floor to the hang position, before a clean lift is performed (muscle, power, squat, and split all permitted) to make contact with the shoulder. From the shoulder the dumbbell if lifted overhead through a shoulder press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk, To complete a rep, the arm, hips and knees must be fully locked out with the dumbbell clearly over the middle of the body while the dumbbell is locked out overhead.


The rower’s monitor must be set to zero at the beginning of each row. The row is complete when either 14 or 12 calories is registered.

Well?! How did 18.1 go down at CrossFit Colchester?

Pretty awesome, actually!

Many of the coaches had their first attempt at the workout during the day on Friday. Members all gathered on Friday evening to be prepped by the coaches, and to get geared up to workout and judge one another.

We’ve got a few atheletes who have retired over the weekend, and we’ve got a few more having another go on Monday.

We absolutely can’t wait to find out what 18.2 will be!