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Affiliate Program 04/12/2017

Monday 20 Minute Time Cap   For Time: “Angie” 100 Pull-Ups 100 Press-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats Score = Time   Or   Scale For Time: 10 Rounds 10 Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 10 Sit-Ups 10 Squats Score = Time Tuesday C&J Singles 3X5@60% 3X3@70% 2X2@80% 2X1@90% (Rest 2minutes between sets)   6X5 Front Squat@70/80% (Rest… Read more »

Affiliate Program 27/11/2017

Monday AMRAP 12 12 KB Push Press@24/16kg 12 Pull-Ups 12 Burpees Score = Reps   Rest 10minutes    AMRAP 8 15 Wallballs@9/6kg 30 Double Unders Score = Reps Tuesday 1 Hang Power Clean at hip/thigh 1 Hang Power Clean at knee 1 Power Clean Work up to a challenging weight whilst maintaining good positions and… Read more »

Affiliate Program 20/11/2017

Monday For Time: 30-20-10 STOH@60/40kg T2B Score = Time   Rest 8minutes    For Time: 10 Rounds 10 Down Ups 10 Air Squats Score = Time Tuesday A. Work up to a heavy 1 Clean + 1 hang Clean   B. 6X2 Clean + 2 hang Clean@90% Of weight achieved in A. (Rest 2minutes between sets)… Read more »

Affiliate Program 13/11/2017

Monday 3 Rounds For Time: 32 DB Thrusters@22.5/15kg 16 Pull-ups 32 Burpees Score = Time   In Pairs For Time: Calorie Row 25-20-15-10-10-15-20-25 (can only change after each segment completed) Score = Time Tuesday 6X1 Snatch + 2 Hang Snatch (Rest 2minutes between sets)   AMRAP 12 30-20-10 Alt KB Snatch@24/16kg Double Unders Wallballs@9/6kg Score… Read more »

The Athlete Program

Scott Panchik - The Athletr Program - CrossFit Colchester

Launched in February 2017, The Athlete Program is taking the world of CrossFit training programs by storm.   Designed by CrossFit Games Athlete, Scott Panchik, the program is designed to improve all aspects of fitness disciplines including strength, weightlifting, gymnastics, skill, and endurance work. Despite its relatively short shelf life, so far there are already over 150 CrossFitters… Read more »

6 Important Scaling Tips for Crossfit Beginners

Everyone who starts Crossfit begins with a different types of experience and levels of fitness. A big advantage of Crossfit is that everybody can join and scale their workout individually, so everybody is challenged but never over challenged. You can adjust the training to your level at the beginning and keep changing it as you process. 1…. Read more »

CrossFit Colchester Same Sex Pairs Comp

The team behind The European Championships is proud to launch The Same Sex Pairs Competition right here from our affiliate in Colchester. An inclusive event that promises to be loads of fun, after qualifier scores are submitted, the top 40 teams (20 male teams, 20 females teams) will go through to the finals to be held at… Read more »