10 Recovery Secrets You Might Not Know

10 Recovery Secrets You Might Not Know By KITBOX We talk about recovery a lot on the blog, but it’s still something people struggle with. Do you ever wonder how the top athletes can train multiple times per day, at a high intensity? Their recovery game must be pretty strong, right?

Crossfit Mum and Daughter – It’s a Family Affair

BLOG WRITTEN BY BOXROX 12th May 2016: ‘I am very proud of her as a mother. I think she is very strong both physically and mentally, and puts her all into everything she does. Plus she is so much better than me at weightlifting!’ Audrey and her daughter Ciosa (16) have been doing Crossfit now… Read more »

Top 5 Squat Tips:

Top 5 Squat Tips: To celebrate the start of 2016 we are sending out our ‘Top Tips’ on movements, nutrition, fat loss, performance, strength gains & plenty more. First off we are focusing on the Foundation movement in all things fitness….. THE SQUAT, bought to you by KITBOX: The squat is a powerful exercise, whatever… Read more »

New Year Resolution By Karrina Howe

Why have ONE New Year resolution for a whole year? Coming to the end of the year and we all begin to think of the year gone, what we have accomplished, review what we have succeeded and whether we haven’t done enough. Then come the thoughts as to what we want from next year and… Read more »


UK BOX GROUP  The affiliates below are partners of our UK BOX GROUP, these affiliates work together to help build a strong network support in the UK, this includes members from each box being able to drop into the other boxes free of charge! There are many benefits to being involved in our UK BOX GROUP… Read more »

The Secret Competitor

When it comes to deciding to compete there are two main types of people, the ones who know from day one that they want to compete eventually and will train towards being competition ready as soon as possible and then there are the ones who are adamant they do not want to compete until (in… Read more »

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift

Get your dad a fathers day gift he will want, use & change his life!!! Just £30 for a 1month CrossFit Colchester membership: Father Days Gift 1 Month Gift Membership £30.00 GBP

CrossFit Iceni Coming To Colchester

CrossFit Colchester  is proud to announce its new sister box CrossFit Iceni will be opening in Colchester soon! The Iceni were a tribe of British Celts living in the area of modern Norfolk and north-west Suffolk. In 61 AD the Roman officials decided to interpret the Iceni kings will as a submission to the Roman… Read more »

Inspiration from the Athlete Games 2015

The Athlete Games 2015: This year is off to an amazing start with three of our athletes representing Crossfit Colchester at the Athlete Games. Held this year in the Phones 4 You Arena in Manchester, this competition featured some of the most formidable CrossFit talent this side of the Atlantic, including our own Darren Hotten,… Read more »

The Future is Wide Open: Getting involved in the 2015 CrossFit Open

What is the CrossFit Open? The best part of the CrossFit calendar is quickly approaching.  The time when your hard work can be put to the test.  It’s the Open and a real opportunity to experience the spirit of the CrossFit community.  In early 2015, Open qualifiers will be released and everybody from the best… Read more »