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You’re probably sick of all the new year, new me blog posts, social media updates, and sales-y emails flooding your inbox, but the fact remains that the beginning of the year does mark a turning point for many of us in terms of lifestyle and fitness. Whether you’re a novice looking to overhaul your level of activity, or a seasoned gym-goer who’s after a change of pace, we’re offering you the chance to visit our gym in Colchester for a free trial.

A New Year’s Resolution you’ll actually enjoy!

At CrossFit Colchester, we’re proud to have built a friendly, motivational atmosphere, and a safe environment, for anyone, of any ability, to train to get fit and healthy. The CrossFit Colchester family works out together, pushes one another, and our supportive network of coaches and members means that you’ll have fun doing it too.

Joining CrossFit is one of the best decisions of my life. I’m so much healthier, fitter and stronger than I was before, and far more confident too! – Charlotte Knappett

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What to expect

CrossFit is based on full body movements, which can be scaled and adapted to suit any level of fitness. As a discipline, CrossFit targets the core muscles using range of motion and weight training through multiple muscle groups. At CrossFit Colchester we teach you how to perform these movements in a structured and effective way. Our programs will help you reduce body fat, improve your strength and endurance, help you move faster, and increase your energy levels.

When you book in for your free trial with us, you’ll be met at our reception by one of the coaches, who will take you through the workout. The variation in our program means that no two days are the same, so you could be rowing, weightlifting, tackling the rig, or mastering the burpee!

Upon joining, you’ll begin your foundation course, where the coaches will take you through the core movements, break down Olympic lifting, and generally introduce you to the world of CrossFit. Once completed, you’ll be able to book on to the classes and really get to grips with your training.

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Our full timetable is available here

… and you can check in on our blog to see what each week has in store for you training-wise. As well as the main WOD (Workout of the Day), we have specialist sessions for those looking to improve their conditioning, their gymnastic ability, and their overall performance should they be looking to compete. Not only that, we’re proud to introduce CrossFit Kids Colchester for 3-5 year olds, 5-12 year olds, and 12-17 year olds!

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