Battle of the Beasts Athlete T-Shirts

Battle of the Beasts Personalized Athlete T-shirt

More than Just a Free T-shirt for qualifying athletes, by: Jessica Johns-Green

When CrossFit Colchester was a newly opened box, new members got blue t-shirts.  But red t-shirts were given out to members who competed in an event.  Everyone loves a free t-shirt.  But even better are the t-shirts we’ve earned!  Those red shirts didn’t mean anything special to outsiders – just a different colour of the same shirt.  But they were special to us.  That status as a red shirt wearer was accepted with pride and it marked a point on a journey where we rose to a challenge and competitors were born.

Lots has changed since then, with tshirts and competitive gear generally getting more serious.  But the well-earned t-shirt still has its attraction. I can track my CrossFit career in a timeline of t-shirts all the way from the now faded red one to present day. Good times, tough times, first times all charted in the shirts filling the drawer in my dresser, so that getting ready for a WOD is revisiting memories of past challenges in fabric form.

This is what has us particularly excited about the upcoming Battle of the Beasts.  Other than the fantastic prize money for the best scores in each qualifier and cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd at the finals too, all qualifying athletes will get a free competition t-shirt, personalized with their name and qualifying number.  The accomplishment of these athletes – being in the top 50 men or top 50 women – will be immortalized in t-shirt form.  It will represent their status as some of the top CrossFit talent in the UK, beasting through three tough online qualifiers and rising to the challenge.

The customized athlete t-shirts are made from light-weight, breathable tri-blend fabric and constructed specifically for male or female fit. These cannot be bought for any amount of gold – these are earned!

Battle of the Beasts registration ends 31 July 2014, with online qualifiers beginning 6th August.  The final will be held 12th October 2014 at Charter Hall, Colchester, Essex.

Register now at:

Take your place among hundreds of athletes from all over the UK and Europe who have already registered for a chance to compete for the glory, and of course, that well-earned t-shirt.

Good luck to everyone taking part!


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