Powerlifting Workshop at CrossFit Colchester


We can now confirm that CrossFit Colchester will be welcoming back the KBTEducation coaching team lead by Sam Dovey after our extremely successful Weightlifting workshop with top olympian Zoe Smith. This time these coaches who train several different “Team GB” athletes will be holding a Powerlifting workshop consisting of the following:

Key benefits to using Powerlifting & what you can expect during the workshop:

1: Powerlifting delivers maximal Strength development, which is the basis for all other athletic qualities.

2: It develops the ability to produce maximal force.

3: The Deadlift is a huge assistance movement for weightlifting and will be one of the main focus’s during the workshop.

4: We will discuss the details about the Deadlift and Squat producing a great amount of stress, this stimulates growth hormone & testosterone and the effect this has on your bodies development.

5: Programming advice to help advance your own Strength & Conditioning training.

Throughout the day Sam & his team will also be focusing on:

*Speed work/drills
*Deficit work/drills
*Isometric work/drills

We are extremely lucky to have these WORLD ELITE coaches over for the day to deliver this workshop however there is limited availability on the workshop so ACT FAST and book your place using the PayPal buttons below!!!

Head Coaches:

*Sam Dovey (Team GB coach and Silver medalist)
*John Buckland (Weightlifting coach, S&C coach and GB Nutritionist for Rugby league AF)

This seminar is a must for anyone looking to improve his or her general Strength & Conditioning so get book up below!!!


Workshop Details:
Venue: CrossFit Colchester
Date: Sunday 13th July
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm 
(Simply bring your training kit and some food for lunch and lets get it on!!!)
To register your place just simply check out via the PayPal button below and as there are limited spaces available you will need to act FAST:


Powerlifting Workshop with Team GB

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