Coaching & Individual Program Design with Darren Hotten

Personalised Training Programs from Head Coach Darren Hotten:-

Option 1:

6 Week individualised training program, in this program you will receive a initial consultation to assess areas we should address within your program, this will be specifically targeting areas you want to improve such as:

–       Olympic lifting technique

–       Gymnastics movements & progressions to help with these specific movements

–       Hypertrophy elements (Building muscle)

–       WOD conditioning

The benefits of following a tailored program is that it will accelerate your results and it will work towards turning your weaknesses into your strengths and making you a better all round CrossFitter!

Price: Just £97

Option 2:

This 6 week customised training program will include all the same details as above but also:

–       30minute 1st session to coach any new progressions that I have programmed for you within the training plan, this will allow you to move through your program with confidence knowing you are doing the right movements and with good form too.

–       30minute session during the 3rd week for a consultation, this will be a session for you to feedback about your progression throughout the program so far at the halfway point and discuss how we are going to tackle the remainder of your program too.

–       30minute end of program consultation, this session will be dedicated to identifying your achievements made from completing your first 6 weeks of individualised programming, and to discuss the next steps in your training!

Price: Just £147

Darren also offers 1-2-1 personal training packages so please contact him direct on the details below for more details and for current prices.


Contact Details:
Darren Hotten
Tel: 07974021113
Email: [email protected]

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