Weightlifting Workshop with Olympian Zoe Smith:

Weightlifting Workshop with Olympian Zoe Smith: 

We can confirm that CrossFit Colchester will be welcoming one of the UK’s top Olympians & British Weightlifting record holder Zoe Smith on the 9th of March!!!

Zoe has been an inspiration to many young lifters as she has broken plenty of records aged just 19……. This included the 58kg category Clean & Jerk British Record at the 2012 Olympic’s right here in London, where Zoe lifted an extremely impressive 121kgs and Snatched a mind blowing 90kg!!! 

We are lucky enough to have this incredible athlete over for the day to deliver a Weightlifting workshop helping everyone to learn, improve & perfect our Oly lifting techniques.

Zoe and her team which is made up of Sam Dovey (Team GB coach and Silver medalist) and John Buckland (Weightlifting coach, S&C coach and GB Nutritionalist for Rugby league AF) will be covering:

1: Weightlifting techniques and improvements (working on your lifts wit them)
2: Programming to help advance your weightlifting in your own training
3: Nutrition advice including supplement recommendations for lifters 

(So simply bring your training kit and food for lunch and lets get it on!!!)

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