Olympic Lifting Workshop

Do you struggle with any of the Olympic Lifts???

Does technique, timing, speed or power feel like the problem??? 

Or are you simply looking to perfect these key movements in our sport??? 

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above then this workshop is defiantly for you and will blow your mind!!! 

On July 6th 2013 at 2pm we will be performing our first 3hr Olympic Lifting work shop for both BEGINNERS and the ELITE with Olympic Lifting specialist Robb McGeary

Key benefits this workshop is going to give you:

1: The knowledge of why these lifts are so important to use within your training program.

2: Highlight common movement faults in Oly lifting along with how and why they happen.

3: Drills for enforcing technique and how to break down each movement to help your overall progression.

This 3hr work shop is just £25 for NON MEMBERS and just £10 for CFC MEMBERS which is INSANE value for money from one of our region’s most experienced Olympic Lifting coaches!!! 


Are you a CFC member?

Time & Date: Saturday 6th July from 2pm-5pm

Our Olympic Lifting workshop will be hosted by head CFC coach Carl Saville and instructed by Oly lifting specialist Robb McGeary!

Limited spaces available so act FAST!!!

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