28 Day Paleo Challenge

Do you always feel tied? 
Do you lack motivation? 
Do you struggle with weight loss or muscle gains?
If you’ve answered YES to any of these then following our simple Paleo nutrition plan is guaranteed to get you results and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

So what is included and how will this work for YOU:

1: First we will explain exactly what Paleois and why we should be following it as humans!

2: We will then go into more detail about how the Paleo Diet can help each individual and their own personal goals including: weight loss, tiredness, muscle building, energy levels or just simply all round general health!

3: Then we will look at all the differences between foods and a simple guide to follow on whats healthy and whats not!

4: How to break certain food addictions!!!

5: We will also do full individual body stats readings so you can monitor your progress throughout keeping you motivated and focused!

6: This challenge also includes 24/7 advice on how to make this healthy and natural way of eating work for you, which is also helped by having the group support of others around you in the challenge who will be same situation and coming across the same issues throughout the course.

Time & Days: Thursdays at 6:30pm & Saturday at 9am

(You can mix and match which sessions you attend too!)

Sign up today for just £45 and get instant and FAST results from this WORLD FAMOUS healthy eating plan!!! 

Also if you have already completed a challenge with Luke before and would like to return for another course then GREAT NEWS as yours will be HALF PRICE TOO!!!




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Why not add Personal Training to your Paleo challenge too and really maximise your results:
Paleo Expert and CrossFit Coach Luke Cantrill:

“As a Personal Trainer and Paleo/Nutrition Specialist I can help with all areas of diet, lifestyle and exercise. I have been training clients and pushing them to get the results they want for over 9 years.

Over this time I have constantly worked hard to develop training methods that not only get results in the shortest time possible but results that last long term too!

As a CrossFit coach I use CrossFit as the foundation of all my programs. Ensuring no stone is left unturned in terms of my clients function and overall fitness. Whether you want to get that beach body, tone up, run 5k (or a whole marathon), build some extra muscle or just want all round great fitness, I design a bespoke program just for each client targeting the exact goals and results they want to achieve.

It’s so easy to waste months in a gym putting in the hours and not getting the results you want simply by doing the wrong type of training and unfortunately this is something we see all too often in fitness.

My training is based on what works with a focus on skill and efficiency not “results by volume”. Running a marathon does not require running 50k a week and getting a six pack does not require a 1000 sit-ups a day. But by focusing on the areas you need to you will be amazed at what is possible in such a short amount of time. My training is fun and varied so losing interest is never an issue.”

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