During February Stacey Jose decided to take on the 30 Day Paleo Challenge. Over the 30 days this challenge focuses on changing your nutrition to eat like a cave man, this is done by not eating ANY man made products what so ever, just simply consuming all fresh: Meat, Fish, Veg, Fruit, Nuts & Seeds.

Stacey followed the plan 100% and as you can see from her picture she reaped the rewards by stripping body fat and strengthening/toning muscle, the combination of CrossFit training and the Paleo diet go hand in hand, giving you FAST and healthy results!

Stacey’s words:

“Following the Paleo diet has shown me how we should really be eating, the first week was the hardest but having the support of the group throughout the 30 days was key, we exchanged recipes and had the guidance and help of diet coach Luke which made this so much easier, I will definitely now follow this way of eating long term too as I’ve never felt so healthy, it’s given me a clear mind/helped my focus in the afternoons and of course I’m really pleased with the physical changes too as I’ve never had a 6 pack before! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaching team at CrossFit Colchester and most importantly Luke for all his help & support throughout & after the challenge!” 

The 30 Day Paleo Challenge is run monthly by Luke Cantrill who can be found on Facebook by the link below or contact on: 07900088520

Facebook Link  to Paleo Luke:

Or if you have any further questions you can contact head coach Carl Saville on: 07799080009

Congratulations once again to Stacey!!!


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