Affiliate Program 06/08/2018

Main Class

A. Strength

E3MOM 4×10 Bench Press@70%

B. Conditioning

2 minute ME Row for Calories
2 minutes Rest
2 minutes ME Thrusters@50/35kg
2 minutes Rest
2 minute ME Box Jumps@24/20″
2 minutes Rest
2 minute ME Assault Bike for Calories
2 minutes Rest
2 minute ME Down Ups
Score = Reps

Here are my 3 efficiency tips for the thruster:

1. Front Rack Positioning: – While it might feel stronger to clinch the bar, this can lead to increased fatigue and tighter upper back. Oppening your grip will allow you to keep your elbows high and wide to maintain a vertical torso.

2. Breathing: – You want to keep a consistent breathing pattern throughout the movement not just in the press. Most have a tendency to hold their breath during the squat portion which increases the heart rate and fatigue. Breath in as you squat, out as you stand in as you press out as the bar comes back down.

3. The Catch: – This is so important and easily overlooked. Keeping the bar in as strait a path as possible will create a lot of efficiency. – As the bar comes down to the shoulders begin to open the hands a position the elbows. The bar should land right in front of the throat with elbows and chest tall. – During the entire press portion, your glutes should be SQUEEZED. this creates optimum stability and a strong receiving position for the barbell. Continue to squeeze until the bar has come back to the shoulders and immediately go into the next rep.

Main Class

A. Weightlifting

E3MOM 5×1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean@80/90%


B. Conditioning

6 Squat Cleans@60/40kg
6 Hang Squat Cleans@60/40kg
6 Over Bar Burpee
12 T2B
Score = Reps

Competitors Class

Session 4

A. Weightlifting

E3MOM 5×1 Clean@90%

B. Weightlifting

10 EMOM 2 Cleans@70/75%

C. Strength

E3MOM 5×3 Front Squat@80/85%

Main Class

A. Strength

EMOM 4X8 Strict Pull Ups (add weight if possible) 

B. Conditioning

In Pairs
250/200m Row (split if required)
16 Alternating DB [email protected]/15kg  (split if required)
400m Run (together) 
Score = Time

Main Class

A. Strength

E3MOM 5×3 Front Squat@80/85%

B. Conditioning

For Time:
10 Rounds
7 [email protected]/30kg
7 Pull Ups
7 Burpees 
Score = Time

Coaches Notes:
For those Rx athletes you’re aiming to complete a round every minute.

Main Class


1 – 20/15 Calorie Assault Bike
2 – 20/15 Calorie Row
3 – 20/15 Calorie Ski Erg
4 – Rest

Coaches Notes:
Pick a rep range you can maintain for the duration.

Main Class


For Time:
In Pairs
120 Pull Ups
120 Wallballs@9/6kg
80 T2B
80 DB Push [email protected]/15kg
40 Deadlift@140/90kg
40 Strict HSPUs
Score = Time

Main Class

A. Weightlifting

E3MOM 5×3 Squat Clean + 2 Hang Squat Clean@70/80%

Clean Warm Up:
3 Rounds
Empty Bar
5 – Clean Grip Deadlift
5 – Clean Pull
5 – Muscle Clean
5 – Power Clean
5 – Deep Power Clean
5 – Cleans
(Rest 30 seconds between rounds)

B. Conditioning

1 – 5 Squat Cleans@50/60%
2 – 10 Burpee Over Bar

Conditioning Classes


8 Rounds
In a 4 Minute Window complete:
400m Run
12 Burpees
6 DB Hang Clean & Press Right [email protected]/15kg
6 DB Hang Clean & Press Left [email protected]/15kg


1 – 20 Wallballs@9/6kg
2 – 20/15 Calorie Row
3 – Rest
4 – 20 Over Box Jumps@24/20″
5 – 20/15 Calorie Bike or Ski
6 – Rest


5 Rounds
In a 6 Minute Window complete:
1000/800m Row
In the remaining time ME DB [email protected]/15kg
(3 minute rest between rounds)

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