Fresh Café at CrossFit Colchester

Owned and managed by Karrina Howe, at Fresh Café we’re on a mission to fuel your training with quality coffee, organic produce, and fresh ingredients.

Locally sourced with love

Fresh Café’s green grocer is from Great Dunmow, our butchers are in Colchester, and our coffee is ground in Manningtree. We’re supporting local businesses, as well as providing customers with the freshest, best products we can source – the fresh food you deserve.

Healthy food that tastes great

Homemade pre- and post-workout snacks, grab-and-go-breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus old favourites such as Battle Oats, Primal Pantry and nut butters galore – we have a huge selection of healthy foods. Try our Rawnola breakfasts, pick up a Hench Fuel porridge pot after your morning workout; or choose your afternoon/evening meals from our menu that changes depending on the fresh produce delivered daily.

Visit the Fresh Café Facebook page to discover what’s on offer for the day and pre-place your order. Chicken skewers with roasted vegetables, beef stew with ginger, garlic and chilli seasoning, spicy bolognaise with cauli-rice… healthy food really doesn’t have to be boring! Order food either based around personalised macro plans, or simply because you like the look of what we’re cooking!

Fresh Café’s coffee blend

Grown on the Capetinga e Sassafras farm in the South Minas Gerais region, Fresh Café’s coffee is hand-roasted and packed by a small batch artisan coffee roastery just outside of Colchester in Manningtree. Our medium roast Brazilian Arabica has a sweet, nutty flavour with bittersweet and chocolatey notes – a very popular choice among our customers!

It doesn’t stop there

With a wide selection of smoothies, shakes, and juices, and delicious teas served for one or two, we serve the perfect accompaniments for our range of snacks including yummy protein balls and the much-loved banana bread. Drop in and have a seat in our comfy, bright cafe.

We can’t wait to see you at the counter to serve you your favourite training fuel!

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