CrossFit Iceni Coming To Colchester

CrossFit Colchester  is proud to announce its new sister box CrossFit Iceni will be opening in Colchester soon!

The Iceni were a tribe of British Celts living in the area of modern Norfolk and north-west Suffolk.

In 61 AD the Roman officials decided to interpret the Iceni kings will as a submission to the Roman state, so they moved to appropriate all of the Iceni lands and disarm the tribe. Not surprisingly, the Iceni Kings widow, Boudicca (or Boadicea as she is sometimes known) protested. The Romans had her publicly flogged and her two daughters were raped. This high handed treatment of an ostensible ally had predictable results. In 61 AD Boudicca raised the Iceni and the neighbouring Trinivantes tribe in revolt against Roman rule.

Boudica led her army south to attack Colchester. Confronted by Boudica’s army the townspeople fell back to the area of the Temple. After a two day siege the last defences were broken and and everyone inside was killed. Leaving Colchester a smouldering ruin, Boudica led her army to destroy Roman settlements at London and St Albans before being finally defeated.

The reason we used the name Iceni is because of the tribe and the great historical importance it has to Colchester.
We like the fact they stood up for themselves and worked hard to reach the goal they set themselves!

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