The Future is Wide Open: Getting involved in the 2015 CrossFit Open

What is the CrossFit Open?

The best part of the CrossFit calendar is quickly approaching.  The time when your hard work can be put to the test.  It’s the Open and a real opportunity to experience the spirit of the CrossFit community.  In early 2015, Open qualifiers will be released and everybody from the best to the least are invited to take part.  Top athletes from 17 regions will move on to regionals, and from there the top three regional winners (male and female) will take their place at the CrossFit Games.  This year’s Games saw a 4th first place  win for Rich Froning and first time win for everyone’s favourite CrossFit hottie, Camile Leblanc-Bazinet.   And for everyone else, there is the excitement and energy that comes from having taken their part in the fight for the title of ‘World’s Fittest’.


Why take part?

I get excited about the Open, but I realize that when I do, there is a good slice of the box regulars that say, ‘But I’m not that fit, I’m not doing the Open.’.  But the Open isn’t about being as fit as the winners of the Games, or even as fit as the others in the Open.  It’s actually just you against you.  Your fitness journey might lead you to a podium somewhere, but even if it doesn’t, your journey is about progress.  And in the CrossFit community, there is no better way than the Open to measure and celebrate your progress.

Even if you imagine that you won’t be able to complete all the movements to Rx’d standards, you can still give the WODs your best go.  Not only does that give you something to measure your progress against next year, but as you know, doing the WODs to the best your ability, whatever that it, is what makes us a worldwide fitness family.

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There will be those primed for a place at regionals, those doing the Open for the first time and everybody in between sweating it out together across the globe.


When is it?

Open qualifiers begin in early spring 2015 and include five WODs – one per week over the following 5 weeks.  To submit scores, you will need to register online, be judged and provide a film of the workout to confirm the movements have been completed to the standards.  Coaches and individuals who have completed the online CrossFit judges certificate course can judge your WODs.  Booking sheets will be available at the box to arrange a judging time.   Stay tuned to the CFC members page for more leading up to the Open.


How to prepare?

Following this year’s Games, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in male and female categories were asked how much they train.  It was interesting to hear their answers.  It seems there is no one right way.  Some trained several times day, others had day jobs and only an hour to get it done every day.  But each one spoke about being focused, ready to train their weaknesses and willing to work hard.  To be the best, and to get the best out of you, the process is the same.  It might be modified in intensity but you succeed with the same things that brought these people to the podium – hard work and commitment, as much as you can manage within your lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve been working towards the Open all year.  If not, it’s not too late to decide to do the Open this year.  Start looking at movements you feel less comfortable with.  Have a WOD or two a week where you give it your 110%.  And fuel yourself well – eating in a way to support your efforts, not sabotage them.

And finally, what to expect? 

If it’s your first time in the Open, you’ll probably be nervous, excited and when it’s all said and done – very proud of yourself.   It will be a great atmosphere in the box and throughout the worldwide CrossFit community as we all put ourselves to the test.



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