Thank You CrossFit Colchester

WOW what a start to 2013….!!!

Our CrossFit Colchester team is growing stronger and stronger every week and we’re not surprised with the incredible group atmosphere created by our team members, they are simply blowing the roof off our building every time we shout GO at the beginning of every WOD!

The best/most unique area of CrossFit is its truly incredible community, no matter what your goals weight loss, strength & conditioning or purely stress relief, you will have a  whole group of people supporting you and encouraging you to push to your limits and achieve things you never knew possible!

Here is a quote from a letter we received this week from a CrossFit Colchester member:

“Thank you to the CrossFit coaching team for all your support and help since I joined, you do not understand/know what you’ve helped me through over the last couple of months outside of fitness. 

When I joined I just wanted somewhere I could go to take my mind off my personal life, however after joining CrossFit this has now become my life as I’ve made so many new friends, all who I know I can trust and rely on, not only has this made me feel better in myself mentally but physically I have never been in such good shape either, people around me now are saying how great I look and “What the hell have you been doing?” this has made me feel like a new person again which I can’t thank you enough for!”

The coaches reply:

“Knowing we can help anyone like this in any shape or form, no matter how big or small the goal may seem to the individual, is exactly what keeps our coaching team motivated and continuing to push forward”


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