Post Burpee Mile Charity Challenge!

After the incredible support and all the kind donations in the build up to this mountain of a challenge, our coaching team took to the start line with a fierce look in their eyes and prepared for the biggest test of their lives…….

Only a few people in the world have ever completed this EPIC test, some hospitalised, others having to take days off work & most having weeks off training!!!

Our coaches gave everything they had in every rep, for every second throughout the challenge and despite having muscle strains, cut knees & bleeding hands the team completed all 4 laps of the Colchester Athletic Track (1 mile), doing the CrossFit badge proud the team even finished with an unofficial WORLD RECORD of just 45minutes…….

Andrew Kearton = 45mins

Carl Saville = 1hr 3mins

Sean McNamee = 1hr 12min

Jessica Johns-Green = 1hr 45mins

David Potticary = 1hr 49mins

The guys raised over £1500 for their locals charities by completing the mind blowing 6000+ Burpees (total team amount) and what did they have to say afterwards: “We had to dig deep as at times if felt like an impossible task to finish but to have all the amazing support from our CrossFit family really helped push us over the finish line so we can’t thank everyone enough for coming!”

Checkout the highlights on the link below:


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