Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy


To provide some context these policies and programmes cover not only CrossFit Colchester Limited but other fitness facilities/services we own and run.
Our Equality Statement is included on our website and is sent out to all members
Our Management team, attend an Equality & Diversity training course
Our in-house team meetings include subjects on Equality & Diversity
Our Equality & Diversity statement and training is reviewed annually.

Equality Action Plan: Under implementation
Our action plan will be reviewed and updated annually


  • Deliver fitness services that are accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of people and communities in Colchester.
  • Raise awareness of equalities issues and tackle prejudices both internally and externally.
  • Attract, recruit, retain and progress a diverse range of staff and users of our fitness services in a culture which celebrates diversity and inclusion Programmes and training to ensure staff are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

Results of our Equality Programmes and activities:

  1. Statistics will be compiled from our application/membership forms on an annual basis.
  2. A review of our policies with take place in January of each calendar year buy a randomly selected group of made up of 10% of our membership base.
  3. Staff will undertake equality and inclusion training on an annual basis.

If you have any further queries or questions or would like information on our Equality and Diversity training providers simply email [email protected].

BAME ​- Black, Asian and Minority groups
BAME ​people, according to the government include:
• Arabic people
• Asylum seekers and refugees
• Asian or Asian British people
• Black (African/ African Caribbean) or Black British people
• Chinese people
• Irish people (‘White Other’)
• People of mixed heritage
• Travellers and Gypsies
• People who identify as ‘White Other’ e.g. White Australian, White European
Important statistics:
• UK census in 2011 shows that there are 7.6 million people from BAME backgrounds, represents 19.5% who identify as being ethnic minorities.
• University of Leeds study predicts people from BAME backgrounds will make up one-fifth of the UK population by 2051

CrossFit Colchester Ltd Equality Statement
CrossFit Colchester Ltd are of the strong belief that opportunities should be open to all and are actively committed to providing a professional, friendly service that embraces inclusivity, diversity and the promotion of equality of opportunities.
As a Company, our goal is to ensure that these commitments are reinforced by the ethics and values that we have embedded in our day to day working practices with our gym members, visitors, members of the public and colleagues.

CrossFit Colchester Ltd strives to:
Provide equality of opportunity to all the users of our Gym to participate at all levels as either a customer using our facility for the first time or a Gym Member who uses our facility on a regular basis.
Not discriminate on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, or, religion or belief
Develop a culture within our facility that both enables and values the involvement of all; embedding and promoting principles of both equality and fairness
Provide a service in a way that is both fair to everyone and ensures that all customers and employees are not disadvantaged in any way

This will be achieved by:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity of all the users of our facility through the service we provide
  • Creating an environment which is both professional and friendly for all our Gym Members and any other visitors to the Gym
  • Monitoring customer participation and feedback in order to identify and develop any areas of opportunity
  • Ensuring all employees of CrossFit Colchester Ltd are provided with the relevant training in regards to both equality and diversity


1. Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this policy is to outline the commitment by CrossFit Colchester Ltd to the procedures that will be followed and to ensure that our organisation meets all relevant legislation and guidance with regard to Equality & Diversity.

1.1 CrossFit ColchesterLtd will adhere to all relevant Statutory Legislation and the Code of Practice;

1.2 CrossFit Colchester Ltd will ensure that positive steps are taken to identify and combat all forms of discrimination so that no potential or existing members of staff, volunteers or users of our fitness services are discriminated against from any of the four main types of discrimination which are; Direct discrimination, Indirect discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation.
“Direct Discrimination” occurs where someone is treated less favourably because of one or more of the protected characteristics. Direct discrimination may occur even when unintentional. It may also, in some cases, occur by association i.e. where a person is put at a disadvantage due to a characteristic of another person.
“Indirect discrimination” occurs where someone is disadvantaged by an unjustified provision or practice that also puts other people with the same Protected Characteristic at a particular disadvantage. For example, a requirement for GCSE English as a selection
criterion. This would have a disparately adverse impact on people educated overseas and may not be justified if all that is needed is to demonstrate a reasonable level of literacy.
“Harassment” Harassment may include bullying behaviour and it refers to bad treatment that is related to a protected characteristic. More specifically, the law defines harassment as ‘unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that individual.’
It can include behaviour that individuals find offensive even if it’s not directed at them, and even if they do not have the relevant protected characteristics themselves.
“Victimisation “broadly refers to bad treatment directed towards someone who has made or is believed to have made or supported a complaint under the Equality Act. It includes situations where a complaint has not yet been made but someone is victimised because it’s suspected they might make one. If an individual gives false evidence or makes an allegation in bad faith, then they are not protected from victimisation under the Act.
CrossFit Colchester Ltd recognises that the implementation of the Equality Policy is vital to its development and continuing success and will take responsibility for ensuring effective implementation of the policy and code of practice.
Any employee who discriminates, harasses or victimises any other employee, volunteer or user of our fitness services on the grounds of any of the ‘protected characteristics’ (listed above) will be subject to the organisation’s disciplinary procedure. In serious cases, such behaviour will be deemed to constitute gross misconduct and as such, could result in summary dismissal in the absence of mitigating circumstances.
All employees, volunteers and users of our fitness services will be asked to complete an Application /Membership Form which also monitors Equal Opportunities. The Company guarantees that this EO form will be used for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of its equal opportunities policy only.
Where a disabled worker applies for a post, but it is unclear whether that disability will prevent the employee undertaking the duties satisfactorily, consult with management to determine the applicant’s ability to perform the duties of the job, identify what adaptions to the premises need to be made and what extra support arrangements need to be put in place.
Where a disabled user of our fitness services joins CrossFit Colchester Ltd all efforts will be made to support them in the classes they want to participate and to identify any additional support required to avoid discrimination against them.
Wherever possible, CrossFit Colchester Ltd will ensure that all individuals and
organisations which provide services for or on their behalf are aware of our commitment to equal opportunity.
All staff at CrossFit Colchester Ltd who have responsibility for recruitment, selection and promotion, or who supervise other staff, will receive equal opportunities training.
All other staff will attend awareness training in diversity and equality as part of their induction upon employment.
CrossFit Colchester Ltd is also committed to ensuring that no policy, procedure, provision, rule, requirement, condition or criterion will be imposed on any worker or job applicant without justification if it would be likely to put that person at a disadvantage on any of the above grounds.
The principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity also apply to the way in which staff treat visitors, volunteers, users of our fitness services, suppliers and former staff members.
The organisation will continue to review the effectiveness of this policy to ensure it is achieving its objectives and as part of this process will monitor the composition of job applicants and the benefits and career progression of staff.
Any employee or job applicant who believes he or she has received less favourable treatment is asked to contact the CrossFit Colchester Ltd EO representative / Directors.

2. Aims of the Policy

2.1 To comply with the general and specific duties of all Equal Opportunity Legislation including the Equality Act 2010.

2.2 To fulfil CrossFit Colchester Ltd’s statutory obligation to raise awareness of the policy in all staff, volunteers and users of our fitness services.

2.3 To ensure that all potential, new and existing staff, volunteers and users of our fitness services are informed of the policy and its implication.

3. Publishing Arrangements

3.1 CrossFit Colchester Ltd is committed to equality of opportunities and the Equality policy will be communicated widely to staff, volunteers, users of our fitness services and service providers working in conjunction with CrossFit Colchester Ltd. This will be achieved through the following:
Annual Equality and Diversity Report;
Employee and learner induction programmes;
Through the CrossFit Colchester web site and mail chimp;

4. Organisation, Consultation and Participation

4.1 As the employers, CrossFit Colchester Ltd Directors have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with Equal Opportunity and Equality and Diversity Legislation.

4.2 Equality and Diversity training will be provided to all staff as part of the induction process. Specific training will also be provided for throughout the year on different
aspects of equality and diversity as appropriate.

4.3 Equality and Diversity training will be provided to all coaches as part of the induction process. Specific training will also be provided to coaches throughout their programme of learning as part of their personal development.

5. Equal Opportunities: Functional Responsibilities

5.1 The Directors are responsible for:
Personnel related policies and strategies;
Developing and delivering a programme of (or arranging delivery of) staff development in equal opportunity matters;
Advising and supporting staff to identify and disseminate good equal opportunity practice, particularly in relation to equal treatment in all aspects of the staff and fitness user experience; Ensuring that all HR policies and procedures meet legal and ethical standards in relation to equal opportunity and recognition of diversity; Advising staff on procedures in relation to the CrossFit Colchester Ltd Equal Opportunities Policy.
All Managers are responsible for ensuring proactive dialogue about equal opportunities issues and practices with partner organisations, contractors, the user of our fitness services;
Provision of a mechanism to report any instances of breach of equality and diversity legislation.

5.2 It is unlawful to discriminate, victimise or harass on the grounds of Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Pregnancy and Maternity, Marital status, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation. Under legislation and this policy, every member of staff and every user of our fitness service has a responsibility to:
Listen to what others have to say and respect their point of view;
Speak out, or report it, if they witness or are aware of bullying, vindictiveness verbal or physical aggression. Do not assume that it is someone else’s responsibility; Question their own prejudices and assumptions; Familiarise themselves with the responsibilities that Equality legislation places on them and ensure that they are sensitive to issues of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

CrossFit Colchester Ltd will work to ensure equality of access and resources for:
Staff by:
Ensuring no employee or job applicant is treated less favourably because of conditions or requirements which cannot be justified.
Using published, objective and job-related criteria when making decisions on recruitment, pay, training, progression and termination of employment;
Supporting or training staff appropriately to help them progress within or outside the organisation;
Ensuring that management apportion development opportunities objectively and as fairly as possible;
Ensuring as far as possible, all staff have access to the full range of services available within the organisation;
Consulting staff with disabilities or learning difficulties about reasonable adjustments to organisation arrangements and premises so as to minimise any disadvantages they may face;
Providing counselling and advice for staff when necessary.
Employers Own Responsibilities:
The employer must ensure that all staff are treated equally and fairly in line with the Equality Act 2010, taking into consideration The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, The Race Relations Act 1976 and The Disability Discrimination Act 1996.
Intern staff will have access to the same rights and opportunities, as far as reasonable, as other employees.
Any non-compliance will be reported immediately to Management:


Making an Equal Opportunities Complaint

6.1 An employee or user of our fitness services who feels they have not been fairly treated within the scope of this policy should raise the matter through CrossFit Colchester Ltd EO representative / Directors.

7. Dealing with Discrimination and Harassment as a Fitness Service Provider

7.1 As a Fitness Service Provider CrossFit Colchester Ltd complies with anti-discrimination and Human Rights legislation and promotes the well-being of staff and users of our fitness services; actively seeking to eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment.

7.2 In general, this is dealt with through our own disciplinary policy, but in all circumstances, the safety, wellbeing and support needs of the victim is our first priority;

7.3 CrossFit Colchester Ltd will comply with its legal responsibility to make a written record of any racist incident which takes place on our premises ;

7.4 Certain racist incidents may also be criminal offences in England and Wales under the Crime & Disorder Act 1998. These include:
Racially aggravated assaults, including common assault, actual bodily harm, grievous bodily harm and wounding; Racially aggravated criminal damage, including racist graffiti, damage to property and arson (deliberately setting fire to property); Racial public order/harassment, including engaging in behaviour which causes (or is likely to cause) harassment, distress or fear of violence.

7.5 The Police (not CrossFit Colchester Ltd) is responsible for investigating and dealing with racist incidents where criminal offences may have been committed. All racist incidents of this kind will be reported to the police as soon as possible;

7.6 Crossfit Colchester Ltd will also report the incident to the police if asked to do so by the victim;

7.7 In addition to the general principles for dealing with discrimination or harassment, CrossFit Colchester Ltd will adhere to the specific rules which exist for dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination. If the perpetrator is an employee or other professional in a position of authority, then this will normally be a criminal matter (in which case it should be referred to the police) or a disciplinary offence under CrossFit Colchester Ltd Procedure.

8. An Equality Impact Assessment CrossFit Colchester Ltd Management
Information System ensures data relating to Protected Characteristics is recorded, stored, processed and readily available. The company will use this information inequality impact assessments produced on an annual basis to ensure that:
no individual or group is disadvantaged; identify where equality of opportunity can be promoted; investigate underlying causes remove any unfairness or disadvantage and create reasonable adjustment; demonstrate diversity of individuals accessing CrossFit Colchester Ltd services and their impact on the local economy.

The relevant Acts of Parliament relating to equal opportunities policy are:
Local Government Act 1966 (Section 11)
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986
Race Relations Act 1976 and Race Relations (Amendment) Bill
Equal Pay Act 1970 and Amendments 1983
The Public Order Act 1986
Employment Act 1989
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Human Rights Act 1998 • Protection from Harassment Act 1997
Part Time Worker Regulations 2000
The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
The Gender Recognition Act 2004
Disability Discrimination Act 2005
Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006
Sexual Orientation Regulations 2007
Equality Act 2010 In addition, the following codes of practice relating to equal opportunities; including guidance available from: Equal Opportunities Commission Commission for Racial Equality Disability Rights Commission ACAS: Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service Disability Rights Code of Practice Age Discrimination Code of Practice

CrossFit Colchester Ltd recognises that we have a responsibility to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking from existing in both our business and supply chains associated with our business. Whilst we believe that both our business and the industry sector in which we operate are of relatively low risk; our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement reflects this responsibility and it sets out our commitment to developing and implementing business practices which ensure that we do not allow modern slavery and human trafficking to take place.

CrossFit Colchester Ltd Policies
CrossFit Colchester Ltd have clear company-wide employment policies and processes in place; which the failure to comply with can result in disciplinary action against our employees. This can include immediate suspension, or, termination of their employment. CrossFit Colchester Ltd also has a whistleblowing policy in place, which encourages our employees to report any wrongdoing in our business; including those related to modern slavery or human trafficking. If we receive any reports relating to these matters they will be fully investigated, resulting in the appropriate actions being taken. Our key suppliers include contractors, gym equipment suppliers and providers of services such as cleaning. We expect our suppliers to have appropriate anti-slavery and human traffic policies and processes in place and have communicated to our key suppliers that, as a Company, we have zero tolerance in regard to these matters.

CrossFit Colchester Ltd will be carrying out a risk assessment of our key suppliers and will address any areas of concern with them directly. We plan to update this risk assessment on an annual basis.

To ensure an understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, we plan to provide training to relevant members of our team. All members of the Management team have been briefed on the subject.
This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes CrossFit Colchester’s Ltd slavery and human trafficking statement of the current financial year. This statement will be reviewed by a member of Senior Management on an annual basis.

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