CrossFit Colchester Events are a culmination of years of competitive experience. We draw from our athlete experiences at events across Europe, from the CrossFit Regionals to our beloved in-house competitions to bring the very best competition day experience to you.

Not only are the workouts fun, they’re legitimate tests of fitness. Our aim is to provide a platform for you to show off all your hard work in the box. That’s why we don’t start until 12pm! Those extra few hours in bed are sure to mean an extra few kilos on your PB.

Our in house Fresh Cafe is always open. Serving up some tasty treats, lunch and all the caffeine and protein you’ll ever need. We have physios at the ready and changing rooms, in door toilets and best of all – showers. In other words we have got you covered!

This is all great, but what’s even better is better is awesome prizes! And we don’t mean a couple cans of drink and a protein bar. At all of our events you’ll be rewarded generously for your efforts with cash prizes and loads of goodies from event sponsors.

Over £Cash prize pot for each competition PLUS loads more Stash for event wins and podium finishes.

2019 Events

Same Sex Pairs Competition (March 2019)

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Mixed Sex Pairs Competition

Two Days of Mixed Sex Pairs Competition

Rx Category Saturday 27th July

Inclusive category Sunday 28th July

(Both Days running from 12pm -6pm)

Rx Category is aimed at those who went Rx in the Open…

  • Can perform all Barbell movements at 50kg/35kg and above
  • All CrossFit Gymnastics movements that appear in the Open Rx

Inclusive Category is aimed at those who went Scaled in the Open…

Barbell movements will be no heavier than 40kg/25kg unless the workout requires you to choose your own weight, in which case, show us what you've got!

You will have the option to scale the following movements accordingly:

  • Pull Ups to Jumping Pull Ups
  • Toes-to-Bar to Knee Raises
  • Double Unders to Single Unders

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Movement Standards

Rx and Masters Category

You can expect to see the full spectrum of Conditioning, Gymnastics and Weightlifting movements as seen in the CrossFit Open. It is advised that at least one partner can achieve at least one rep of each movement in order to complete the workouts. Online qualifiers are more ‘accessible’ than the final and masters categories scaled inline with the Crossfit Open Scaling.


Your engine is test by but not limited to Rowing, Running, Assault Bike, Ski Erg, Single and Double Unders.


Your Gymnastics are test by but not limited to Pull Ups, Chest-to-bar, Muscle Ups (bar and ring), Push Ups, Handstand Push ups, Handstand Walks, Toes-to-Bar, Air squats, Lunges, Pistols, Box Jumps – these may be strict, kipping or weighted – maybe even a combination of both!


Your strength will be tested by but not limited to Deadlifts, Hang Cleans, Cleans, Shoulder-to-Overhead, Ground-to-Overhead, Thrusters, Snatch, Hang Snatch, Overhead Squat, Front/Back Squat, Lunge. These maybe performed with a barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Sandbag, D-Ball or any other weighted implement we can find to make life difficult and fun.

All Inclusive Categories

This category is designed to provide a means of testing for the ‘new to competition’ CrossFitter. It’s about having fun and putting your new found fitness to the test against relative others. Maybe this is your first competition or you’re still refining some of the movements written above. All workouts will be achievable and provide a means of scaling where necessary (although these may incur extra reps to ensure it’s an even playing field).

You WILL NOT FIND the following:

  • Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups, any variation of Muscle Up, Handstand Push Ups, Handstand Walking, Pistols.
  • Weightlifting movement weights will be achievable to most (we cannot guarantee for all).