Mixed Sex Pairs Competition

Two Days of Mixed Sex Pairs Competition

Rx Category Saturday 27th July

Inclusive category Sunday 28th July

(Both Days running from 12pm -6pm)

Rx Category is aimed at those who went Rx in the Open…

  • Can perform all Barbell movements at 50kg/35kg and above
  • All CrossFit Gymnastics movements that appear in the Open Rx

Inclusive Category is aimed at those who went Scaled in the Open…

Barbell movements will be no heavier than 40kg/25kg unless the workout requires you to choose your own weight, in which case, show us what you’ve got!

You will have the option to scale the following movements accordingly:

  • Pull Ups to Jumping Pull Ups
  • Toes-to-Bar to Knee Raises
  • Double Unders to Single Unders

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